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    Oct 23, 2014
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    Apparently our horses are pretty good livestock guardians. Shortly after I left for work this morning, there were 4-5 coyotes in the pasture intent on the goats. The goats however were huddled down between 2 very protective, rather large, horses. Appal was particularly aggressive with them. The coyotes would circle but the horses stood their ground and if they got too close Appal would rear, scream, and strike at them. Nancy went out and yelled and the coyotes went over the fence but not for long. By the time they came back the goats were in their stall which is tucked behind Appal's, Appal was in her stall and Tessa was standing out in front with the coyotes running back & forth. By that time Nancy had the rifle and a few shots sent them on their way. Everybody here seems to be unscathed.
    Chickens are still in brooders and I don't know as they would have faired as well out in the pasture but this all took place pre-dawn and they wouldn't be out that early.
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    That's an exciting morning for you! Horses are great, aren't they? Glad your goats are fine and the chickens are safe. WHEW! Close one for sure!
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    That is so awesome!!!! I use to have horses and still have friends with horses. They are amazing creatures! One of my friends had a strange man come up to her house, he had let himself into the pasture, because the road to the house goes through the pasture where the horses are. My friend came out to see who he was and what he wanted, but her horse "Scout:" a sturdy, quirky paint horse would not let him near her. He kept himself between her and the man, while he tried to tell her some weird made-up story as to why he was there, then eventually Scout tried to attack him, he had to get into his truck and drive away to get away from the horses pinned ears and gnashing teeth. Later, we saw that same man on the news, he had been arrested for rape. Scout the horse prevented my friend from being his next victim. That horse knew that man was no good.

    Your story really makes me miss having horses. They are wonderful. Your horses are truly a blessing! I hope you gave them lots of love and treats for their heroic actions![​IMG]

    Please share pictures of your awesome horses and your protected goats! [​IMG]
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