Big Hens?

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    Apr 26, 2009
    *I didn't know where this would go, sorry*

    I have a black sex link rooster [I think...] and he's really huge compared to all my other birds. He's 6.5 lbs at only 5 months old while all my hens are nearing 4 [A couple just at 3]. Well he's about twice their size, no joke, and when he mates with them he's a little rough and I'm afraid he's going to hurt one due to his size. I have already had one of my smaller hens get a bloody peck to her comb due to him. So are there any bigger breeds that could withstand this huge rooster? Or is it not the size difference at all and instead he's just rowdy?

    Sorry, I'm not a chicken expert. My dad is, but he's not very cooperative. I just happen to be the only one who cares [​IMG]
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    You did put this in the right place Tyler. [​IMG]

    I raise bantam chickens so I am of no help for this question. But, someone will be along shortly that may have some advice.

    Welcome to BYC!

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