"BIG" jewelry sale for the biker or biker at heart or race fans

Bare bottom farm

10 Years
Aug 23, 2009
White Pine
These are all hand made by me.
From left to right
1)clear glass with checkered flag charms
2)rose quartz chips,turquoise beads with checkered flag charms
3)green glass beads, blue chalcedony beads, amethyst beads with motorcycle charms
4)hematite beads, howlite beads with motorcycle charms
5)silver metal beads, hematite beads and checkered flag charms

These are great for the biker, race fans or just because you like them

These where made for a bike ralley and this is what is left....
I take paypal, and if you have any questions feel free to pm me.Thank you so much!!

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