Big liver and spleen disease!

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    Nov 4, 2016
    We have lost 4 chickens, we thought possibly Marek's. But we sent our last on to die, our rooster, off for a necropsy and the preliminary report said possible big liver and spleen disease. Does anyone have any information on this or know a way I can keep my other hens from getting it?

    Thank you for reading!
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    Once you get the fully necropsy report, you may want to ask whoever did the testing for more information on routes of transmition and preventative measures. Big Liver and Spleen Disease, is one that I am not that familiar with.

    I did a quick search and found it referenced at the Poultry Site (links below). It appears that it is a form of Avian Hepatitis and can be transmitted through the feces. Keeping your droppings cleaned up and the water stations clean and sanitized may be helpful. It does look like it is contagious, so practicing all in/all method of keeping out would be in order (no selling of chicks, hatching eggs, started pullets, chickens, etc.- essentially no chickens leave your property).

    If you do receive more information on the disease, I would appreciate you posting and keeping us updated. This is something that I have not really seen and any information you provide will be helpful for me and others in learning about this disease.

    I'm sorry you are having to deal with this.

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