big money


8 Years
Aug 7, 2011
west virginia
Who would benefit the most if the laws don't change and ya all can't have chickens, why the commercial egg industry. Who would benefit the most if ya all could have chickens? Why, the pet industry,coop builders, ranch supply and local feed stores,hardware stores,on and on and on get them on your side and provide attorneys and press...change the world. Chickens are huge money, just where it goes is funneled into commercial industry. Do they want change, no way! No body is going to really get anywhere alone, you all need allies equal to the big money - even upping the awareness helps but if the pet industry realized how much money could be spent by private consumers they will focus on helping get things changed. I have to applaud the efforts so far, I can't even imagine not being 'allowed to have my own eggs...

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