BIG NEWS: Official Book Of BYC - Raising Chickens For Dummies


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Dec 26, 2006
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BackYardChickens has had a lot of exciting announcements over the past three years, but this is the biggest news that we've had since the re-launch of BYC back in January 2007!

We're extremely excited to announce the next step towards achieving our vision of “a chicken in every yard”, the release of the new official book of BYC: “Raising Chickens For Dummies ”!

It is pretty exciting that I got to be a part of this book, but even cooler that BYC is listed on the cover and mentioned throughout the work!

The book’s 408 pages has an incredible amount of information that will really help people learn why and how to raise backyard chickens. Hopefully when readers need additional information they will visit us here and join our wonderful community!

We definitely appreciate anything you can do to promote the book to friends and family! Also, if you do get a copy and are very happy with it please post your 5 star reviews at places like Amazon, etc.

Note: To review the book at Amazon, you don't need to have purchased the book there, you only need to have an account at to give the book a 5 star review.

We've got a very special offer for anyone interested in buying the book for themselves or a friend. You can find the details here:



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Mar 23, 2008
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Congrats!!! This is awesome! If we buy a copy from the BYC store can we get it autographed?
When I get paid I might even buy two of them, one for me and I can donate the other to my local library.

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