Big night for the chickens!

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by LadyFunnyFarm, May 20, 2011.

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    Ok, so I went to my brother's and picked up my pretty new fluff ball (a beardless silkie - so cute and soft! - 12 weeks old) & brought her home to my girls. Introduced her to my babes and all went well. I gave them a little cooked rice to bribe them, but I guess it worked. They weren't giving her a good 'ole Hoosier welcome, but they weren't shunning her or pecking at her, so Mama was happy. (Oh, and yes I know how she was raised, she was kept away from other babes for a good while before I brought her home, etc.)

    Then, I took 7 of my JG girls and my RIR roo and stuck them in our existing coop, because our brooder was waaaay over crowded, and the new coop won't hold them all anyway; they were going to have to share either way. So, it was already dark out and my 8 black Australorp ladies were already in for the night, but still awake. I stuk my littles in there with them on the roosts and for each girl I brought in to roost, they just moved over and didn't give a fuss. So proud of them!

    I went to check on everyone a little bit ago, after about an hour of integration in both environments and all is well!

    On a side note - a cute side note: When I picked up each girl to carry them out to the big girl coop, they had a fit when I picked them up, but when I pulled them in against my chest, I could feel their hearts slow down and they buried their heads in my chest. The boyfriend is at work tonight and when I told him, he just laughed and said "They definitely know who their mommy is!" I have lots of warm fuzzies. I'll check on everyone in the morning, but I am hopeful!
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    Congrats on the new fuzzy butt [​IMG]

    Don't listen to Ranchy. Just tell her I said [​IMG] and to keep her kudzu roos to herself. [​IMG]
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    Well, after 3 days of change, here's what we have:

    New baby, aka Molly, has adjusted well and was pretty much instantly accepted by my other girls. My love held her and he said " Oh no, we could never eat her. She's too decorative." [​IMG] He has never been all that affectionate with the girls, but he really likes this one, lol.

    The girls that I moved from the brooder to the coop are in a sort of stand-off with my ladies. They are all almost always in the coop, but at opposite ends, lol. There has been no aggression, thankfully! They have all come out from time to time, but are predominately in the coop. I'm hoping that over the course of the week everyone chills out and ends the segregation. We shall see...
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    And yet another has been lost to the Dark Side of Silkies, sigh..... [​IMG]
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    Quote:Oh no! No, No No! I just wanted a pretty little thing for my collection [​IMG] If I want to see any others, I'll just go to my brother's, lol. I am quite happy with my big, full-sized girls. The man & I just had a discussion this weekend about what my plans were for them and I think I have him sold on the idea of one "collection" flock, a flock of layers, and a flock for eating! In fact, we were working on our new coop yesterday and he said "You know, in the time it takes me to build on of these, I could probably build 2 or 3." So, of course I said "Should we go pick up parts now, or later this week?" [​IMG] I don't think he saw the same amount of humor in that as I did [​IMG] Oh well, I will have my way and we will have our own little chicky empire [​IMG] Or something like that, at least...

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