Big red bushy tail - what is it? Fox - has to go


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12 Years
May 18, 2009
I was just outside when my flock started their danger call. I immediately started searching the sky for a hawk, but out of the corner of my eye saw movement on the ground. I looked just in time to see a big red bushy tail disappearing into the woods. Judging from the height from the ground, it wouldn't have been much larger, if at all, than a large raccoon. The fur on the tail was very long, making the tail about 4-6 inches in diameter. Very bushy. Rusty red colored. This was between 8:30 and 8:45 a.m. this morning in central Florida.

Any guesses - do I have a fox? It was too bushy to be a cat. Not doglike. Again, I only saw the tail going through an opening into the woods.

If it's a fox, what do I use as bait? Help!
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I think it could have been a fox or a coyote. I have seen some coyotes with really bushy tails. Also it is getting to be winter and a lot of animals are getting there winter coats whish are thicker and fluffier. Rabbit meat or I think any meat really will get them to come back.
I'm goin' on a fox hunt tonight! I called a trapper who said they love bacon - cooked, not raw. I'm going to pressure wash the traps to get all smells off them and then handle with rubber gloves. I will put both near where I saw him this morning and cross my fingers.

If I catch him, my trapper friend will take him to a vet and then to Nature's Classroom, so he won't be killed. I think it's nice that he can be used to educate children. Of course, if he has rabies, it will be a different story!
I live in St. Pete, FL and we don't have foxes here. But I have spent MANY MANY days in Brooksville for camp, weather for a weekend, a summer week, or a full summer as a counselor and there are certainly foxes. Sounds just like what you described.
The first time I saw a fox in my yard I was confused as to what it was. It had the characteristics of both a cat and a dog. I was not happy to learn that it was a fox.
I haven't seen any more since we let Harvey, our border collie, patrol the yard in the morning and evening... the hours that we would have the fox visit us. We free-range, so I worry about them.
He took my Jersey Giant roo today at about 1:00 p.m.. He will be caught. He will die. I will kill him. He will die. We have 4 traps set. He will die. He will die. My poor Bart. This is not fun anymore.

Lock your bird up TIGHT. When the fox learns where food is, he doesn't stop until the food source is depleted.

I lost 4 adults hens within minutes of eachother to a fox. The fox would grab them, kill them, carry them off and stash them only to immediately return and grab another. Don't let this fox fill his pantry with your birds. LOCK THEM UP!

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