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    Jul 19, 2011
    I have two new 4 month old's. One is an EE and the other a RIR, they are very sweet! I also have two 6wk olds, who are in the same coop. There has not been any fighting but the EE herds the little two around and does not like them to be in the run. This is my first time introducing chickens. Is there a chance that the EE can start getting physical with the little ones? Thanks for any input!
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    It's kind of late and the 'experts are probably in bed. Try this again in the morning... maybe in the chick section. Good question I just don't know. I would probably be more protective of the little ones... but do ask again [​IMG]
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    It's a natural thing that happens when you introduce little ones to adult or near adult chickens. The herding will possibly escalate to pecking at and chasing, but not much beyond that. As long as the chicks have enough room to hide or run into an area in which the EE doesn't feel like running to, they're fine. They'll tough it out in a couple weeks. [​IMG]
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    If you think its a problem, saw a milk crate or two into a little table with all the sides open, and put it in the coop or run. It provides a platform for the larger birds to get up on, and the smaller gals a place to escape. Pecking order breast bumping happens all the time. If serious pecking and damage occurs, you will have to separate, until they grow to comparable size. A 2 x 2 pc of plywood wired to a couple of cement blocks or similar spacers can make a shady spot they may enjoy, and escape under.
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