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    Jul 8, 2009
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    I got my first egg on Friday, another one today, and I let my (3) 6 month old RIR hens out into the yard with my 8 week old flock of 26, much to my surprise we had no incidents at all...well until the 6 moth old RIR roo met up with our 16 week old black sex link roo...but that too was just a minor chest bump and run. The RIR's did not seem interested in the babies at all, the just chose to go out farther into the yard to range. They did manage to find their way into the babies coop but they didn't stay long. I have been only letting them out one flock at a time, for a couple weeks now, but they have no other contact. My goal is to integrate the flocks by the end of next month. The RIR hens need to move into the coop with the babies and the RIR roo is destined for the freezer before they move. Anyone have any suggestions or tips that will make this move smooth?
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    Isn't it gonna be hard to feed them, as the different ages have different requirements? How do you handle this?

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