Bigger chick pecking at smaller chicks???


6 Years
Aug 30, 2013
Hello!!! Hopefully, this is the right forum for my question :) I have three chicks. One of them is noticably bigger than the other two chicks and that one keeps pecking at the others. Why is he? He'll go and peck at their heads. He doesn't do it every minute but sometimes often. Should I separate this chick from the others? But if I do, I think that the others might chirp because they think the bigger one is their mom. I'm not exactly sure if they think that but they seem to stay close by that chick. Does anyone know what I should do? Is this a common thing? Thank you!!! ~My3ChicksMBD
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When I got the chicks, the guy said they were all a week old but we realized that the bigger one had wings and seemed older than one week. So, I think the big one is a bit older. I got them all at the same time. And thank you!!! :)

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