Biggest Comb Contest, Pretty Feather Contest ( No Prize Just For Fun!)



Oct 15, 2020
Hello! DaisyBuff here! This is a contest where you send in photos of your chicken with the biggest, prettiest, comb! Or you can take a nice good close-up photo of your bird with pretty feathers. It can be duck feathers, chicken, quail, any bird with pretty feathers! I will announce 1st place second place and third place of the comb and feather contest at 1:30 Tomorrow. ( The 4th ) Details and rules below.

  • It has to be your Photos none taken off the internet,
  • Tip- I like feathers with details and patterns in them,
  • For best results no blurry photos try to get them as clear as possible,
  • 1st second and third for comb, and 1st second and third for feathers,
  • Remember there is no prize this is just for fun,
  • Have Fun!
Trust me, i'm not entering myself in the contest, but this is my favorite Rhode Island Red Hailey, I post Pics of her everywhere! I love her even though she used to eat her own eggs! LOL


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