BigMike's Buttermilk Chicken Strips

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  1. So good, use buttermilk to marinate the strips in.

    Mis en place

    1 pound boneless skinless chicken breast

    1cup buttermilk
    1 beaten egg
    2tsp garlic powder
    1tsp black pepper
    1tsp paprika
    1tsp cayenne powder

    1 1/2cups all purpose flour
    1/2 cup cornmeal
    2tsp sugar
    1tsp salt
    1tsp pepper
    1tsp dry thyme
    1tsp paprika
    2tsp baking powder

    11/2 cups oil

    Mix first group of ingredients in a medium bowl, cut chicken into 1/2 inch thick strips and mix well in bowl.
    Allow to marinate 1/2 hour. Meanwhile mix next group of ingredients in a gallon zipper storage bag. Lay parchment paper on a sheet pan. Put oil in a heavy bottomed skillet.
    Add 3 strips to the zippered breading bag, toss well to cover all of the strips.
    Lay the strips on the sheet pan. Take 3 more strips and repeat. Hopefully you have about
    12 strips in all. Heat oil to 350' with tongs add 3,strips to the hot oil, always lay strips into the oil away from you. Cook about 2 1/2 minutes per side until crispy and golden.
    Remove to a plate with paper towel to drain. Repeat with 3 more. Repeat until all are fried. Season with a little salt. Serve with you favorite dipping sauce and some biscuits and slaw. Massive !!!

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  2. firstthechicken

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    Jul 4, 2013
    can I marinate the chicken overnight?
  3. It's not necessary. Many marinades will turn product into mush by over marinating. Stick to 30 minutes., get your coating, sheet pan and oil setup all arranged in that 30 minutes.

    I've seen very tough beef turned into an unusable mush from over marination.
  4. firstthechicken

    firstthechicken Chirping

    Jul 4, 2013
    Got It! Going to try it tonite for supper...should be good although I know its not gonna look anything like yours...hahaha!

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