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    Big's Asian Slaw This is something you can make up and leave undressed in a big plastic container, then when the urge hits you it can be made into a great cole slaw or a nice Asian style salad with Thai Peanut Dressing...

    I prefer using Napa (or sometimes called Savoy) cabbage - it is long and not round like conventional cabbage. It's leaf structure makes for easier digestion too. Enjoy

    Mis en place

    1 head napa cabbage
    2 large carrots
    2 firm pippin apples
    1/2 lb brocolli crowns
    4 large stalks celery

    1/3 lb. chinese pea pods
    3 scallions (optional)


    Cut cabbage head in half lengthwise, cut into TWICE lengthwise, then slice THINLY. Repeat for 2nd half of cabbage. Add to large bowl. Now grate carrots holding carrot against grater so you get LONG pieces. Or if you have good knife skills cut carrots into tiny matchsticks. Cut pippin apples into thin matchsticks. Break brocolli crowns down into individual stems, chop base of stems on the bias until you reach the HEAD of each stem, cut the heads in half, and the halfs again until you get nice small pieces. Cut celery on the bias, same for pea pods and scallions. Toss all together and place in large ziplock bags or in tightly sealed plastic containers.

    To make a fabulous slaw make a batch of my mayonaisse (see emulisons thread), add 1 cup raisins and 2 cups walnut pieces. Season very liberally with salt and fresh cracked pepper and then dress... If taking to a party keep mayo seperate and chilled and toss once you get there...

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