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Big's Chicken Pot Pie

Discussion in 'Egg, Chicken, & Other Favorite Recipes' started by bigmike&nan, Apr 2, 2011.

  1. Mikey loves him some chicken pot pie - I like it with a pie crust, I like it with a puff pastry crust and I love it with a dumpling/biscuit style crust. You could whip this out with store bought pie crusts, or frozen puff pastry sheet or even refrigerated crossiant or biscuit dough... You can make this really quick using canned cream of mushroom, cream of chicken and cream of celery soup. I'm giving you the old school way without.

    Mis en Place:

    4 Tbls EVO
    2 cups celery, large dice
    2 cups carrot, thinly sliced
    2 cups onions, medium dice
    2 cups red potatoes, medium dice
    3 cups slice mushrooms

    1 Tbls chopped garlic
    2 cups dry white wine (steal my wife's chardonnay, I won't tell)
    4 Tbls butter
    2/3 cup all purpose flour
    2 cups milk
    4 cups chicken stock
    1 Tsp Herbs de Provence
    1 Tsp Dry Tarragon
    1/2 cup chopped flat leaf parsley

    1 cup chopped scallions
    3-4 cups cubed cooked chicken breast meat


    2 cups all purpose flour
    1 tsp salt
    1 tsp baking soda
    1 tsp baking powder
    3 Tbls Crisco
    4 eggs
    3 cups buttermilk


    Preheat oven to 400
    Heat a large dutch oven on high, when pan is very hot add EVO and when it smokes a little add the vegetables and saute about 5 minutes. Next add the garlic and simmer about 2 minutes until fragrant. Add the white wine and simmer until it is reduced almost completely dry. Add the butter to the pan and once it has melted add the flour and stir cooking about 3-4 minutes until the flour browns, start adding in the milk and stir well all the while. Now add the chicken stock and herbs and parsley and season to taste with salt and pepper. Simmer 20 minutes, it should thicken nicely. Add cubed chicken meat and scallions and cook about 5 minutes. Make your biscuit or dumplings (or open packages of rolls/crossiant dough.


    Place flour, salt baking soda and powder and crisco in mixer bowl, combine on medium speed until you have lumps the size of peas, break eggs in one at a time quickly, add buttermilk and incorporate only briefly. STOP do not overmix. Let sit five minutes

    Ladle chicken/sauce mixture into a 13x9 pan. Spoon evenly over that the dumpling mixture and bake at 400 for 30 minutes until golden. Remove from oven and let stand 10 minutes before serving with a crisp green salad.

  2. EweSheep

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    Jan 12, 2007
    Land of Lincoln
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  3. 2DogsFarm

    2DogsFarm Songster

    Apr 10, 2009
    NW Indiana
    This is perfect potpie weather, isn't it?
    I may try your recipe soon as I have some frozen biscuits that would make a good topper.
    How do you think it would work with almond milk?
    I've subbed it in a recipe for baked oatmeal & made no diff there.

    If I come for some of Nan's chardonnay I might have to stay over (it's such a long way from IN to NJ) & then I could help you clean up leftovers : 9

    & whassup with no pics of this drool-inducing recipe?
    To date, licking my PC screen hasn;t harmed it [​IMG]
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2011

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