Big's Turkey Pot Pie

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    Replace with chicken breast meat cut in 1 inch pieces if you prefer chicken (or have it on hand).

    This is one of those dishes my wife says I can make her all the time. SO I make three at a time and it lasts about 2 days. LOL... Enjoy

    Mis en Place

    2 lbs. boneless skinless turkey breast meat, cut in 1 inch cubes (seasoned with garlic salt, pepper and a little flour)
    3 Tbls. EVO

    2 cups celery large dice
    2 cups carrots large dice
    3 cups sliced mushrooms
    2 cups onions, medium dice
    2 medium red potatoes cubed

    2 cups white wine
    1 large can cream of mushroom soup
    16 oz. Half and Half
    2 Tbls. Herbs de Provence
    1/2 cup fresh chopped parsley
    1 bag frozen brocolli stir fry medley vegetables (brocolli, onions, mushrooms, red bell peppers & carrots)

    3 store bought pie crusts
    or my pastry recipe


    large dutch oven on high heat, add EVO, when it smokes add half the turkey meat and saute until lightly browned, remove to clean plate and saute 2nd half of meat - remove that to the clean plate. Now add vegetables and season with a little salt so they release their moisture. Once almost browned add white wine and reduce to half, now add mushroom soup and half and half, mix well. Fold in turkey meat, Herbs de Provence and parsley. Let simmer for about 8 minutes until well combined, at the last minute add the frozen vegetable medley.

    Distribute mixture evenly with a ladle into three oven proof casseroles, lay pie crusts down over the tops and crimp edges to side of casseroles attractively. Pierce tops of pastry with sharp knife in about 5 places. Bake in preheated 400 degree oven for about 40 minutes, or until tops are a lovely golden brown. Let this rest about 15 minutes before serving so it sort of comes together.

    This made 3 nice sized pies, two round, one smaller oval (one of each shown)
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    Looks great! I must be stupid...what is EVO?
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    Not stupid, I just use weird short hand for Extra Virgin Olive (oil)...
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    One more....what is Herbs de Provance?
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    You know, I know better than that, I could have done that..... [​IMG]

    Thank you anyway!
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    Look around on eBay for someone selling large plastic bottles of it - I usually get a 3 pack of it because I end up using so much of it. I love the combination of herbs in just about everything (as a perusal of my recipes will show you).
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    2 questions:

    #1-why add the frozen veggies? Seems like you'd have plenty with the sauteed fresh ones

    #2-do you know how to get a crispy bottom crust for a pot pie?
    (loves me some crust....)
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    Quote:Trust me the extra vegetables really do give this pie recipe wonderful variety. I really like using a store brand Asian Stir Fry assortment (pea pods, carrots, mushroom slices, little pearl onions and broccoli flowerettes).

    And NO, I have never found a way to get a CRISPY bottom crust with a pie like this. When baking a quiche you blind bake (pre bake) the crust and then add your fillings and custard and get a crisp bottom crust. Hard to do with a pot pie because you need to attach the top and bottom crusts... You could add a bottom layer crust but it's tough getting it crispy with all that "soupy" filling.
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