BIN 1 Doz. White Showgirl eggs Ends 10/14 SOLD

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    1 Doz White Showgirl eggs and shipping is included. Eggs will ship 10/15

    PayPal only sale. PM me to buy and I will send My Pay Pal addy.

    I am offering one dozen of my pure white Showgirl eggs for hatching. All have had good toes and big topknots. I have a white bearded Silkie roo in with 5 White bowtied Showgirl hens. So you will hatch both Silkies and Showgirls.

    Please don't post sold to the listing. PM me to purchase. thank you.

    I can ship to most of the lower 48 states. I cannot ship to Canada, Hawaii or internationally. If unsure about egg shipping in your state PM me and I will l
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