BIN --- 1 dozen + Silkie eggs (((Includes Shipping)))

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    Buy It Now --- 1 dozen assortment plus Silkie eggs from my B/B/S and White Pens
    Price includes shipping
    Please reply sold and send paypal right away to reserve them.
    Paypal: [email protected]
    I can ship either monday late or tuesday early depending on your preference.
    Will include all eggs laid from Today ( Friday 4/13) to Monday (4/16) I am getting 3-5 eggs per day and the next couple days we are supposed to have some really nice sunny days so the girls will be out free ranging and really happy and I could get as many as 20 eggs to send, but its all up to them!
    I have 1 splash roo over blue and splash hens in 1 pen, and 1 white roo over white hens in the other. My whites have mostly white chicks but I have gotten silver partridge from them so other colors are a possibility, just want to be honest.

    While I have been getting 95-100% fertility I cannot guarantee your hatch rate due to many variables including shipping and incubators.
    I do trim the butt fluff on all hens and roos except 1 splash hen so I can achieve higher fertility [​IMG].
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    Sold.. :p

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