***BIN*** 12+ Paint Showgirl Hatching Eggs *Special Buy It Now Price*

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    Mar 28, 2011
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    I have a last-minute, unclaimed batch of 12+ Showgirl/Silkie eggs out of my Paint Showgirl/Silkie pen.

    This pen includes our senior flock rooster, a gorgeous bowtied Paint Showgirl, and two White Showgirl hens.

    I have hatched mostly Paint Showgirls from this group, but you will also hatch White Showgirls, White Silkies, Black Showgirls, Black Silkies, and a possible Partridge or two. The chicks are mostly Paint and Black Showgirls when fertilized by our Paint Showgirl rooster, though he has a Partridge gene that pops up occassionally, I believe. Most will be bowtied, but some will be homozygous for NN.

    I am extremely impressed with the babies this pen has been producing. You will not be disappointed with what you hatch.

    These eggs will ship on Monday, October 14th. Shipping is $15 to anywhere in the contiguous U.S., for a total of $45. PM for paypal address.
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