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    12 plus all extra eggs laid from Friday April 20th to Monday April 23rd. I get from 15 to 20 eggs usually during this time especially since its supposed to be nicer weather over this weekend, the girls lay really well in nice weather. I will drop the eggs off at my local PO depot on monday late afternoon and all shipping charges are included in the cost of the eggs. Eggs will be a mix of my 2 pens and I cannot guarantee how many you will get of each as it depends on who lays.

    Payment by Paypal to: [email protected]

    To buy please reply to this add SOLD and send payment promptly to reserve them.

    I have 2 pens:
    My BBS flock is Blue and splash hens covered by a splash roo.

    My DD's White pen is white roo over white hens
    (The whites have thrown other colors including a beautiful and extremely fluffy silver partridge)

    All our silkies all have correct toes with good spacing, med to large crests, nice amount of foot feathering (on some I have to trim it), and nice dark skin and eyes.

    I have been getting between 95-100% fertility here with my hatches. I do trim their "butt fluff" to help keep fertility high right now.
    However I cannot guarantee your hatch rate due to factors beyond my control like the post office and your incubator.
    I am not currently NPIP Yet so if you need NPIP eggs don't buy these. I have healthy, vaccinated birds that receive a very high quality diet including a ton of fresh veggies and fruit and they free range as often as I can let them weather permitting. They have spacious coops with large covered runs for those rainy days.

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