BIN 18 OE eggs ship Jan 3rd shipping included

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    Hi all,

    I am shipping 18 to the winner of this auction -SHIPPING IS INCLUDED IN THIS BIN PRICE AS WELL AS DELIVERY CONFIRMATION- I have two spots open in January-shipping for the 3rd and shipping for the 10th. If you are interested in either of these ship dates let me know -Ive been getting 6-8 eggs a day now, so very fresh:) All pullets produced from these eggs will lay the dark olive colored eggs of all different dark shades-I only send the darkest colored eggs laid so that when you hatch, your pullets will lay the darker colors-if I get lighter colors I keep them for eating-the colors of the eggs you will be recieving are pictured down below-the blown out eggs-thats the best array of colors I can show:) ( blues-greeens-speckled greens-olive greens-
    fertility has been 90-100% even on all shipped eggs
    As soon as auction ends please paypal my addy [email protected] and leave a note as to what you bought please:)

    In my pen I have a pure FBCM rooster ( 10 months old) with my girls ( 9 of them)
    -3 pure blue ameracaunas -( these will be f1's)
    -2 OE hens ( pure ameracauna x pure wellsummer-these will f2's)
    -and some of my EE's ( these will be f1's) that are producing blues and green eggs too
    -the eggs all are dark green-green-brilliant blues and some are speckled green. Alot of blue and black chicks-that look just like Ameracaunas except with feather shanks-They produce gorgeous muffed chicks which I had hatched out all Summer ( under broodies). I have no straight combed hens in this pen all pea combs-Only the roo has as straight comb-I package/ship very carefully-all though I must state once the eggs leave my house I cannot guarantee hatchability or breakage.
    Here are lots of pictures from this Summer

    Broody and her newly hatching babies and OE eggs
    FBCm roo about 2 months ago and one of the OE hens-( forget the white orps they were sold off on Oct-[​IMG]
    photo of what some of the colored eggs you will be recieving ( not the brown or white ones LOL)

    some eggs I decorated so you can see more colors

    fertility has been great!!!

    If you would like to get on the waiting list for these guys-lets me know through Pm please:) I can do smaller orders-in between the big orders as the girls have been good to their momma-just pm me:)
    Dec 27th-( Monday shipment)-is filled
    Jan 17th ( Monday shipment) is Filled

    thank you so much

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