BIN 2 Doz Paint Silkie and Paint Showgirl eggs

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    This is a paypal only payment. The shipping costs will be $18.00. This listing will end 4/1 at 9 PM central time. This listing is for 2 Doz of mixed Paint Silkie and Paint Showgirls eggs. I cannot promise a equal amount of each it will be whatever they lay

    All my Silkies are laying like crazy and my bator's are full. Great fertility! I have 2 Paint silkie hens and 4 white silkie hens all in with 2 Paint silkie roo's in the Paint Silkie pen and they are laying almost every day right now they must think it's The two Paint roo's do have the typical frosted color common on many Paint roos. I have the Showgirls in a separate pen but they share the same roo's.

    I will ship eggs on Mon. (4/2) I pack very well, have never had a customer report a broken egg. I can ship to most lower states. I can not ship to Canada, Hawaii, or across borders. No international bidders please. If unsure about the policy on shipping eggs in your state PM me and I will look it up.

    I will contact the buyer with my Paypal information. Payment is due at that time of request so I can ship the eggs on Monday.
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