BIN 2 x 12 French Blue, Black and Splash Copper Marans


Pallet Queen
8 Years
May 18, 2011
I have 2 doz French BBS Copper Marans hatching eggs available to ship on Monday 19th. I have been getting 6-8 eggs a day since my pullets have started to kick in. I have 2 pens, both have Blue Copper Marans roos (both from Pinkchick) and a mix of Blue and Black Copper pullets and hens. I have hatched splash from these eggs. Egg color will vary, but over all pretty good color. All my birds have feathered legs, but you could get some without feathered legs.

Payment by paypal only, NO E-Checks. They just take too long. I do pack very carefully and store the egg just like I do for my hatching eggs. I individually wrap each egg in bubble wrap and then wrap them with big bubble wrap in a USPS Box with Styrofoam around the edges and bottom and top. I have had very good hatches. But I do not guarantee you hatch, do to the fact that the USPS handling of the eggs is out of my control.

If you have any questions just PM. I will ship on Mondays and shipping is $18.00 with DC. Thanks and Happy Hatching!

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