BIN (4 eggs) Bearded Lavender and Paint Silkie egg Ends 4/8

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    Anyone in need of a small order for a small incubator? Here's your chance! 4 eggs...
    I have 3 Lavender Silkie eggs and 1 Paint Silkie egg

    $25.00 for the 4 eggs and includes shipping

    This listing will end April 8th. at 9 pm central time. This sale is for a combination Doz of Lav Silkie and Paint Silkie eggs. Some of my Paint and Lav. Silkies have gone broody so I can't promise a equal amount of each color, so you may get more of one than the other.

    All my Silkies are laying like crazy and my bator's are full. Great fertility! I have 5 pure Lav hens and one black.lav split hen all in with 2 pure Lav roo's in the Lavender Silkie pen and they are laying almost every day right now they must think it's

    Paint Silkie pen has 4 white and 2 Paint silkie hens all with a Paint roo.
    The fertility is great! And I have hatched about all I need to grow out for next year

    If you wish to purchase please PM me and I will give you my Paypal addy. Please do not post "Sold" to the listing.First to PM and pay get's the eggs. Due to recent requests and then non payments I must ask that you make your payment upon request of the eggs.

    I will ship eggs on Mon. (4/9) I pack very well, have never had a customer report a broken egg.

    I can ship to most lower states. I can not ship to Canada, Hawaii, or across borders. No international bidders please. If unsure about the policy on shipping eggs in your state PM me and I will look it up.

    Please beware that shipping is hard on eggs. Once they leave my hands I am not responsible.
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