*BIN* 6+ Hatching Eggs: Mille Fleur/ Porcelain d'Uccles

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    Mille Fleur/Porcelain d'Uccle Hatching Eggs for sale!
    Great fertility with all of these guys, in my incubator I'm getting hatch rates of 90%-100%! I show many of my birds and these eggs are coming from parents that have won lots of BV and BB.
    I have 1 Mille Fleur split to Porcelain cockerel, over 2 Porcelain hens, 2 Mille Fleur split to Porcelain pullets.

    Mille Fleur Split to Porcelain x Mille Fleur Split to Porcelain= 1/3 Porcelain 1/3 Mille Fleur Split to Porcelain 1/3 Reg. Mille Fleur

    Mille Fleur Split to Porcelain x Porcelain= 100% Porcelain

    Only Half dozens (6+ eggs) available at this time, $15 + $12 shipping.

    Due to shipping and/or incubation methods, and I can not guarantee hatchability. I can only send you the freshest eggs from a healthy flock. They will be packed with care and extras sent to compensate in case of damage through the postal service.

    I take payment through PayPal.
    PM me for my PayPal address and check out my website at bluecamasbantams.weebly.com
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