BIN: 6 Month old Pair of Lavender Ameraucana


Nevermore Acres
9 Years
Aug 22, 2010
Mount Airy, MD
Having to relist these guys. They are 6 months old and unrelated. This is for local pickup. I'm willing to drive to meet you. Asking $25 for the pair.

I am located in Maryland with zip code 21771.

*****Sale Pending********
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We just moved and finances are tight right now. We won't have the extra for a trip like that or new birds until then.
The BW/Ws I got from you still aren't laying. I'm not surprised, though. I named the cockerel Dorian. He's quite the gentleman, so far, and lets my kids hold him.

Oh I see. Wow, they aren't laying yet? I'm not even sure if this lady is laying. I do need to get rid of them though. I have a Blue Roo English Orp to go into the pen and I can't have any challengers.
Standard size or bantams? Just asking 'cause my computer won't open the picts very big so it's hard to see.
I'm in southern VA - not too far to drive
They are standard. I do have some bantam Ameraucana I'll be selling once I know their sexes.

Right now, a sale is pending on these guys.

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