BIN - Blue/Green/Olive Eggers - Includes shipping

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    Aug 29, 2012
    I have 10+ eggs from my mixed laying flock available for BIN. I have a Cream Legbar roo over EE, OE, Wheaten Marans, Buff Orp & Barred Rock hens. They should be autosexing and lay various shades of blue, green & olive eggs. $36 shipped, can go out Wednesday, I accept pp, sorry no echecks.

    I wrap each egg individually with bubble wrap so the egg is suspended, then placed vertically in the box and surrounded by more bubble wrap and shredded paper. I pack my eggs the way I would want to receive shipped eggs. Of course I have no control over what the PO does with the box, so I cannot guarantee your hatch rate, but I do guarantee that you will receive fertile eggs in good shape! Please send me a pm to order.

    Thanks for looking!

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