BIN Combo Doz. of 6 Paint and 6 White Showgirl eggs Ends 11/4


9 Years
Sep 14, 2010
Keokuk, Iowa
6 Paint Showgirl and 6 White Showgirl egg combo 35.00 shipping is included

Paypal only payment.

In my Paint Showgirl pen I have white, Black, Paint Showgirl hens with a Paint
Silkie Roo. The White Showgirl pen has all white bowtie Showgirl hens in with a bearded White silkie roo. All the hens have huge Topknots and most are vaulted.

If you wish to purchase please PM me and I will give you my Paypal addy. Please do not post "Sold" to the listing.First to PM and pay get's the eggs. Due to recent requests and then non payments I must ask that you make your payment upon request of the eggs.

I will ship eggs on Mon. (11/5) I pack very well.

I can ship to most lower states. I can not ship to Canada, Hawaii, or across borders. No international bidders please. If unsure about the policy on shipping eggs in your state PM me and I will look it up.

Please beware that shipping is hard on eggs. Once they leave my hands I am not responsible.
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