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    Trio of Blue Large Fowl Araucana's. All three are blue, all three are double tufted/rumpless with a few stray tail feathers. The pullets are laying, the cockerel is young enough that I had moved him to the cockerel grow out pen but he was attempting to mate when I moved him out of the pullet pen. He has a minimal amount of red leakage on his neck, small enough you have to really look to find it.
    Nice young trio, I am not going to work on blue so I need to move them out.

    I take Paypal only, shipping box for the trio is $10, shipping will be calculated based on location shipped to from Missouri. I do calculate online and print my own labels saving you about 30% on shipping cost.

    I have listed this trio on the Araucana thread and will be posting them as an auction on showbirdauction,com tomorrow so this Buy It Now listing is good until the first bid is placed then I will have to close this ad. I can ship as soon as tomorrow (2/4/13) Tuesday or the following Monday or Tuesday.

    You're welcome to post questions here or PM. The pullets photo's were taken back in the fall. I will be taking updated photo's tomorrow, they are prettier than ever.
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    I really want your chickens...please give me a total price if you can...chickens plus shipping to Ohio 45601. Thanks

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