BIN LISTING!! 10 F1 Black sex-link eggs!

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    Sep 14, 2008
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    I know this is a long shot, but figured I'd try anyway [​IMG]

    I have 10 F1 Black Sex-link eggs (Black Copper Marans roo/Barred Rock hens) available to ship tomorrow. I only have 2 BR hens in the pen. Today I got only 1 egg and got only 1 egg the other day, so the oldest 2 eggs were laid on Friday.

    Shipping is based on your zip for 2# box, eggs are $5. An additional 3% of total will be added to cover paypal fees.

    Chicks can be sexed at hatch from this cross with the males having a head spot and yellow legs. Females have no spot and mostly black legs (3 girls I have currently have totally black legs, another baby girl has one toe on each foot that is yellow; otherwise her legs are black).

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