BIN! NH, Olive Eggers, Blue and Silver Cuckoo Marans, Blue Barred Rocks

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    I am unable to hatch for a few weeks so I have several breeds of eggs available for immediate shipment. Shipping is $14 and up to 40 eggs for $18. I ship priority mail with a delivery confirmation so you can track your package. I wrap each egg in bubble wrap with great care. All these eggs are from this weeks collection. I can not guarantee hatch rates for various reasons.

    Offer #1 12+ Blue and Reg Barred Rock. These are my second generation Blue Barreds. They are covered by a BR roo and I have 2 BR pullets and 7 Blue Barred Pullets. You will get from the Blues a 50/50 hatch of blue and black BRs. I have gotten as many as 6 eggs a day. Buy it now for $15 I have 2 sets

    Offer #2 15+ New Hampshire. These are great layers of nice size eggs. I have about 10 in the incubator and ALL have developed at day 8. Buy it now at $12

    Offer #3 10+ Silver and Blue Cuckoo Marans, I have 4 Blue Cuckoo pullets 1 Silver Cuckoo Pullet, 1 Silver Roo and 1 Splash Roo, You will get Silver, Blue and Splash Cuckoos. Several pullets and 1 roo has feathered legs so you will get a mix. These are looking to accepted (Silvers) in 2013 so get started now! Buy it now for $12 I have 2 sets

    Offer #4 10+Olive Eggers. I have Blue Copper Marans Roo over Several EE, 1 is barred so sex linked too. I also have an Olive Egger pullet so you will get 1st and 2nd generation Olive Eggers in this batch. I just hatched 7 out of 8 eggs and I have LOTS in the hatcher due Monday. Buy it now for $10 I have 2 sets

    I am willing to mix and match if you want, just let me know what you are looking for. I will sell in smaller amount if needed just PM me.
    If you have any questions just PM me. Thanks for looking! Paypal only NO E-Checks sorry! Winners will be notified of my paypal via PM.
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