BIN Rare Brahma Hatching eggs- Full Variety box, Partridge, Splash, Blue, Gold Laced, Buff Laced, Bl

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    NO PM's please- EMAIL responses ONLY [email protected]

    We are rolling in fertile eggs and the cabinet incubator is full! Eggs for sale now. Shipping is double boxed, each egg bubble wrapped packed in peanuts. Can fit 20-24 eggs in a box. I am TX PT tested Neg. under NPIP.

    I can usually fill 2 orders of these per week. Will only take orders 2 weeks in advance.

    Email for Shipping dates-

    20-24 eggs in a box. $100 a box includes shipping. Will include a selection of the following, depending on what is laid- hens choice!

    Partridge Brahmas
    1 Gold Partridge Brahma roo and 1 Blue Partridge Brahma roo over 5 Gold Partridge Brahma hens and 4 Blue Partridge Brahma hens. 4 different bloodlines- mostly Dan Powell, only 1 Gold Partridge Brahma hen from Greenfire, all unrelated.

    Splash, Blue and chance for Black Brahmas
    2 Splash roos over 3 Splash hens and 1 blue hen from Greenfire- imported stock
    According to bbs genetics, we should only hatch blue and splash, but we have hatched several black chicks over the past few months.

    Buff Laced and Gold Laced Brahmas
    1 Gold Laced Brahma roo over 6 Buff Laced hens- Dan Powell lines, carefully selected, super lacing, been working on these for 4 years, chicks hatch either Buff Laced or Gold Laced

    Blue Laced Brahmas
    1 Blue Laced Gold Brahma roo over 5 Blue Laced hens and 5 Gold Laced hens- Dan Powell lines, carefully selected, super lacing, been working on these for 3 years, chicks hatch either Blue Laced or Gold Laced or Splash laced

    Lavender Columbian Brahmas may be added if they are laying well enough- this is a small pen.

    I also have eggs from some other breeds if you wish to add any of the following at this time-

    Please leave feedback based upon the eggs you receive. I am not responsible for postal handling/weather and how it can affect the eggs, and I have no control over your incubation. NO refunds. Be sure you understand the risk associated with shipping eggs. Please do not expect a 100% hatch rate (although we have had people hatch more than the # of eggs bought with all the extras sent). If you would like guaranteed chicks, then please purchase chicks! Thank you!

    *NO Lavender Laced Brahmas for sale, we are retaining all eggs and chicks, they will be for sale later this year at auction- no wait lists, sorry, please do not ask.
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