BIN Silkie Hatching Eggs - Variety Pack of colors, Blue,Black,Splash,White,Buff,partridge GA


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BIN: ship 5/29/2017 week to ship on 5/30 after Memorial Day Holiday. Silkies are laying very well, but I don't need to set any more for babies right now. THIS will be a mix of what is available and 12+ means extras when available. I do anticipate being to include extras but no guarantee of this. It depends on the hens. As of today all pens are presently laying... Please disregard any comments that may be below our listing.Comments get pulled forward when we renew or update our listing Price is $42.00 for BIN purchase of eggs plus handling and shipping. If you want to order but don't have paypal, please contact us either on BYC message or on farm email: [email protected]. If you are new member on BYC with limited messages, feel free to contact us at the farm email ([email protected]) but please tell us your BYC name.



Eggs ship after paypal is received (no Epay please) and ship in order of payment. In Order for us to ship promptly, 12+ means if there are extra silkie eggs they are included.For all BUT west Coast, Postage is $18.50 without a heat pack and is Priority Mail mail with tracking number delivery. Due to increased USPS rates, we regret we will have to increase our west coast shipping (California, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, and Arizona) to $22.50. . We wrap and ship carefully but do not guarantee hatch rate or replace eggs as shipping and incubation/brooding is out of our control. For details on how we ship eggs, please see last line.


Eggs come from all pens that are laying. Colors will come from what pens are laying and can include blue, black, splash, white and partridge and buff If there are some you want more than other colors, please let me know but some colors are laying better than others, so orders will be filled according to WHICH hens are laying! The Garry Farm breeder silkies are crested, bearded, blue ear lobes, 5 toes. Our flock is largely from Mbrobbins here on BYC, but also have silkies from other BYC'ers and others who have award winning birds. Have Bobby Porto, Aimee Crego and Sunshine Silkies lineage as well as other quality lines! Although all our breeders are show quality, not pet quality, no guarantee you will only get show quality babies, but it certainly helps when you have a wonderful gene pool working for you...We love our silkies. They are super pets & great broodies
One of the new blue hens that we have been hatching from a quad purchased from Marci.
Cannot wait until she lays eggs! Should be very very soon!

Here is a picture of her mother!

and another view of her mother!

A few more of our buffs:


If you are ready to buy, please deposit funds into our paypal: [email protected] In your paypal notes, please put your BYC name, full name & mailing address & what you are ordering, If you want to pick up at post office, include your phone number please!
To help us ship eggs quickly, please check to see your paypal address is current so we can quickly print your postage label.

So please pm me the mailing address and any special mailing instructions (including asking post office to hold - for that we need your phone number for outside of the box and be sure to put your BYC name and what you are ordering in the paypal notes! If you are new to BYC and do not have many messages or if more convenient for you, you may also contact our farm e mail: [email protected] Should you be interested in direct ordering these or any other of our eggs that may not be listed this weekend or need a complete listing of our eggs,please see our website or if you don't have paypal and want to order from us. We love our silkies and hope you will too!


We farm full time for a living, so I will check daily for messages. Thanks, and have a blessed day. We invite you to see our other listings for chickens which you are interested in other of our eggs for your incubator or broody hens, you may see the listings here:
Be sure and see our silkie album on BYC and please review our feedback under our Profile.

For more information about our farm see:
or Facebook: The Garry Farm or The Garry Farm Animals for sale
HOW WE WRAP AND SHIP OUR EGGS(markings other than Fragile on the box should be specified by the buyer)

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Remember God's sunshine in your heart.GA farm mainly farming vegetables and fruit and also baking and jam making. hatching eggs/babies: ;bbs,white, buff & partridge silkies,etc See our BYC listings:

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