BIN! Variety Pack-5 Buff Laced Brahmas, 5 gold Laced brahmas and 5 Double barred Lemon Cuckoo Orps-N


9 Years
Mar 25, 2010
Eatonville, Washington
BUY IT NOW! 75.00 Shipped!Up for auction are 15 egg variety pack~ 5 Buff Laced Brahma, 5 Gold Laced brahma eggs and 5 Double Barred Lemon Cuckoo Orpington Eggs from my flocks. I got my brahma eggs in a bid war with Green Fire Farm and Dan Powell was nice enough to offer them to me as well. I have around 20+ buff laced and 18 Gold Laced brahmas. They are laying machines. These are a dual purpose meat/egg bird. They are huge! They are great in cold weather too. Then I will add 5 Double Barred Lemon Cuckoo Orpington Eggs from Tom at Hencredibles for a total of 15 eggs! I will mark the eggs. I am NPIP #91-150 These Will ship Monday-Wednesday priority usps. I can not garentee hatch due to mishandling by the usps. I suggest local pickup but am happy to ship. I use polyfoam egg shippers for safety and insulation. Please leave feedback for eggs received and not hatch. Hatching shipped eggs is a risk! All pictures are of MY flock. Brahmas eggs are a work in progress and I still get occasional off colored chicks now and then and I have even hatched a few blue laced in the mix. Thats why they are a project bird! I had way to many laid this weekend and only listed 2 auctions and still pulled 14 more eggs today and then I still have tomorrows....
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