"Bingo" is a 6mo old rock-cross rooster. His first vet visit yesterday weighs him at 14.2 pounds.


7 Years
Dec 22, 2012
Bingo also has a heart problems. I raised him. We are very close. He is with me 24-7. He has to stay in the house with me because I don't have enough feet in my yard for city regulations due to a complaining neighbor. Not that Bingo crows all day but, this neighbor actually saw him. This neighbor saw my hen one day and sprayed her with something and she died. So did the 6yr old healthy tree that was next to her pen. When I removed the tree. The roots way down in the ground were disintegrated. This same neighbor was given a permit to trap feral cats, since we live next to a public park. All of our cats had collars and ID tags. 3 of our cats vanished. One had been chipped, much to his surprise. We got a call from someone who found her 3 cities away. mind that "tink" never left the yard. So I called the animal control to enquire finding that my neighbor had according to them unsuccessful in trapping and turning in any cats. Which tells me he vindictively obtained the trap from animal control for the sol purpose to rid himself of our pets. Some friends and myself saw him spray my hen "Ferrah" and all the other information I mentioned is not enough proof to prosecute him. In the meantime he is making it hell for us and our loved pets. One being "Mr. Bing" I don't. want animal control to take him away. They said they won't as long as he stays indoors but, that's not fair to "Bingo". If someone wants a beautiful well mannered rooster who loves being petted and sleeping on your chest watching tv with you and eating cup-a-noodles with you. You can have him. Only promise never to eat him or hurt him even if he bites. He is my best friend. He needs to be indoors at night he loves people. If your going to not have a lot of time for him and keep him outside. Then you'll have to take his wife "honey" too. They both are great birds. "Honey" lays one a day. She is a red hen about 2lbs. They are both on youtube under "Bingo rap chicken" and "Honey the dancing chicken". call me at (424) 215-9950. My name is Shelly.

That's horrible!!!! I'm so sorry to hear that you have such an incredibly cruel neighbor!!!!!! I hope you are able to sort things out and find him a great home.
Your neighbor belongs in a hospital for the criminally insane. Please move somewhere if you can. -

It's typical for people like him to start abusing and killing animals before they move on to people. I don't mean to upset you more than you are already. This is very serious and if the authorities ignore it - it's only going to escalate.

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