Biosecurity-two scenarios; County Fair & Classroom

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  1. My daughter (LaneKim) is entering two of our Buff Cockerels in the county fair in a couple of weeks. Next Saturday I have to drop them off for Pullorum-Typhoid testing and a week long stay in the Poultry Barn with the other fowl entries. MOST birds here are hatchery birds, 4H contestants, but some are like ours just regular old backyard chickens from a local guy.

    Do I need to quarentine my boys when they get back home? They will probably be returning to their very own rooster coops as they will be living alone soon, seperate from the hens (working on 12 weeks old)..

    and.. my friend a 2nd grade teacher is going to hatch some of our eggs next year & keep them for a few weeks, and I want to know, if I let her do this, and she broods them in her classroom and they NEVER go outside our get greens from the yard etc... do I need to quarantine them as well when I take them back? She can't keep them afterwards so we're thinking ahead of course...

    Thanks as always for the input.
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    For safety's sake, always quarantine your birds after they have been around other birds (not your flock). I would say the same for birds hatched in a classroom.

    Recently, we were advised by the county that we are no longer allowed to hatch eggs in classrooms if children are under age. Since the school I was working at doesn't teach adults, there won't be any egg incubating beginning Aug 2008 school year. [​IMG]
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    When in doubt QUARANTINE!! Better safe than sorry.

    Anytime the birds leave your property and especially when they are around other birds, they need to be quarantined.

  4. Quote:I wonder why they won't let them hatch the eggs anymore??? [​IMG] any idea? maybe she should check too... I figured this was totally common. Surely the principal would know

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