Birchen Cochin Bantam Hatching Eggs~NPIP~6+ Other Breeds Available Too!

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    This is a BIN offer on 6 plus any extras of my Birchen Cochin Bantam hatching eggs. Please do not bid, just reply to this thread. I will send you a PayPal invoice, for your order and I will ship your eggs after payment has been received. You will be notified in the invoice of the date that your eggs will be shipped. Let me know if you prefer a specific date for shipment and I will ship them on that date. I am certified NPIP and AI Clean in North Carolina.

    My Birchen Cochins are purebred, and these eggs could produce exibition quality birds. Not a guarantee, just a possibility!
    I have hatched some of the nicest Birchen Cochins from this pen, and they are one of my favorite colors of the Cochins.
    I am having excellent fertility on these eggs right now, so I feel confident in offering a few for sale. They are laying like crazy right now and I am happy to share some with you.

    Other available hatching eggs at this time are:
    Mille Fleur d'Uccle~Blue Cochin Bantam (specify the breed you want in your PM)

    Shipping and handling for these eggs will be 12.00 and your hatching eggs will be safely wrapped and securely packaged to ensure the safest trip to your incubator. I only ship eggs on Mondays and Tuesdays so that your eggs will be extra fresh!
    All eggs will be clean, unblemished, and unwashed. I welcome your questions, just PM anytime! [​IMG]

    Hens and Friends Happy Hatching Policy~ If for some reason, you have problems with your eggs I will gladly send you replacements for a small fee plus shipping. Just contact me to have replacements sent. This is a one time offer for my customers that are having problems with their hatch. I will replace your eggs for you (one time only) for 6.00 plus the cost of shipping 12.00.
    I reserve the right to refuse this service to anyone that might try to abuse it in any way. Ordering hatching eggs through the mail is risky. Unless you are willing to take the risk, you should not order hatching eggs. I will do my part and more to help you have a successful hatching experience, however, rough handling by postal workers, differences in incubator settings and other variables may cause an unsuccessful hatch.
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    If you don't mind my asking, what other breeds do you have? I am looking for some good partridge cochins :)

    God bless,

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