Bird and the Fluffy Butts do Halloween

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  1. Oh, yea, DID THEY EVER do Halloween...
    Would we really expect that they wouldnt???? I only have the start of their party pictures. The rest will come shortly.

    The new girl May started the whole darn thing. She decided that she would put on the 'old chicks' wig for fun to scare the other girls. She is such a trouble maker.


    THEN of course, she had gone to the local petsmart and found LOTS of Halloween stuff that she thought everyone could share and make it a party!
    So she got dressed into her new 'COP' costume!


    It was a little bit of a task trying to tighten the hat with her misshapen beak, but she did it! "WHEW!" she exclaimed, "I'm tired and needing candy already!"


    And around she strutted. "back off you all! I have wing cuffs and KNOW how to use them!" the little blue hat was a bit wobbely, but she made do. She ran to the telephone to call the group for a party.


    Unfortunatly, No one but Bird and his neighbor cat Sam was home to answer. They gladly agreed to come over and dress in costume to go trick or treating! "I have a SPECIAL costume to show you" he crowed at May.

    When Bird got there May threw him the wig and giggled. Of COURSE Bird woudl try it one. He was a little shy at first, He didnt want to show May how 'Cutsie" he looked!


    But, eventually he did turn around. "OH MY!!!!" may laughed, "You look absolutely stunning!" and they both laughed together.



    Then of course, Bird had to try on Mays police costume. "I dont like how it fits" bird said, and off it went.


    "Now I have to show you my costume! It's the BEST costume there ever was!" screamed Bird. He left to go put his costume on. May saw that Sam the cat was a little depressed and asked her 'what's wrong Sam? You seem so blu?" Sam answered with a tear in her eye, "I don't have a costume this year May, I just couldnt find anything that fit me". Of course May would not let Sam go away without a costume now would she? Nope, no way. So she had Sam put on her policewoman costume. And Sam did put it on and was sooooo happy! It fit perfect. May let Sam keep it and wear it trick or treating. She didnt need treats anyway, she had all she wanted in her new home.


    "Awwww.. thanks" Sam purred to May. "someday, I will repay you for this."



    "LOOK everyone!" Bird crowed as he jumped onto the table so that everyone could see his new costume. He was so proud of it! "I put it together myself!"


    And on Birds back was the cutest little horse jocky and saddle that May and Sam had ever seen!


    And off they all went to trick and treat the local neighborhood. You should have seen the neighbors light up when they saw Bird, May, and Sam at their doors. (really, it was the funniest thing I have seen since Bird and Sam slept together)
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    Too funny .. thanks for sharing!
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    Very funny so sorry about your kitty I just lost the last two of my four . Really can't wait to set my foochie girl in the next life she was my dearest friend. But the chickens do make me laugh. Stupid birds.

  4. I am really surprised how well my Sam is doing without my second cat Rox. She is eating more, gained weight and seems all over happier. (she's 18 1/2 too!) I miss my Rox, and will see him once again in the future. I had him cremated, so he is always here with me. It's funny how the chickens get along with my cat.

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    Very cool.

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    Tooo cute!!!!!
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Way too cute! [​IMG]
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    i just love these pictures with your birds and the cat.
    the story is great too.
    really cheered me up.

    thank you

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  10. The more I look at the last photo of Bird, the more i think I almost see a tear in his eye.... the look of 'please, please NO MORE!!!" or I am gonna peck you...

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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