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    Mar 16, 2008
    Please excuse my stupidity in asking this/these questions. My first flock of chickens - 16-ish wks old. Today my son (21 y/o) woke up with a nasty chest cold--very sudden. I'm thinking back over the last few days activities and remembered -- please, don't laugh -- that our very healthy acting chickens have been sneezing. At least I think it's a sneeze .... sounds like when my German Shepherd bites down on his squeeky toy!

    I know chickens w/ avian flu strain don't really get the "flu" but my weird mind started connecting dots that probably don't even exist! What must I watch out for for avian flu? They have total freedom over 14 acres of woods and pasture, a 9x12 coop at night. Have always fed them Purina. And we always wash our hands when we come in. Are we safe? Are they safe? Thank you!
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    * I would have your son looked at for possible broncitis, or "walking" pneumonia, something like that. Some chicken diseases are communicable, true, but I would worry more about things like mono, meningitis, strep and the above. . . . Hope your DS is well soon!
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