Bird-in-Hand Automatic Chicken Door

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  1. Frogmore Chix

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    Mar 11, 2016
    We HIGHLY recommend the Bird-in-Hand Automatic Chicken Door!!!

    Available at the best price with excellent shipping service at:

    We had a prior type of door with a worm shaft drive that failed in three months and repairs never held. We shopped extensively for a quality door looking at many reviews, e-mailing and having phone calls with manufacturers, and reviewing specs of the many types.

    This Bird-in-Hand Automatic Chicken Door features:
    • excellent engineering
    • very well constructed
    • durable
    • outstanding electronics
    • easy to install
    • easy to operate
    • excellent electronic set-up instructions
    • uses a solar timetable to adjust door openings and closing times with the change in day length - eliminates that continuing timer adjustment step
    • easy instruction web links to quickly determine your own latitude, longitude, and GMT offset for the solar timetable
    • manual and timed options are also built-in for those not wanting to use the solar timetable
    • the manufacturer is VERY response to phone calls and e-mails - responses within hours
    • ongoing support
    • we have it installed and it has been working flawlessly - photos below

    We are in no way associated with the manufacturer - we are just satisfied customers. We had such an initial bad experience with the prior door spending a lot of time and suffering frustration we wanted to help bring this choice to our bird friends. We always appreciate the other reviews here for the past year and wanted to return the favor.


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    Really seems like an ad.
  3. Frogmore Chix

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    Mar 11, 2016
    We made a comprehensive review for the benefit of others.

    Your comment is total without basis and unfair to the fine company producing the door.
  4. aart

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    Nov 27, 2012
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    My Coop
    Well, when someone comes to BYC and the first and only thing they post is something like this..... does in fact look like nothing more than an advertisement.

    It happens quite frequently and can be hard at times to give benefit of the doubt.

    Time will tell if you become an active participant or not....I hope you do, that is quite a nice coop you are showing.
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