Bird & the Fluffy Butts see UFO'S!!!!!

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  1. Friday night Bird was 'chillin with his peeps' and he started to see unidentifed flying objects. He wondered if maybe his bartender had slilpped something into his gatorade.
    "What ARE these UFO'S???????" Bird said to himself. He didnt want to seem stupid, so he didn't say anthing to his girls.



    Bird strutted over to meet up with his pals and almost crowed right then and there! Blu, his best friend roo had the UFO's landing on his back! The girls were starting to shiver!
    It made Bird feel so much better when Blu shouted "WHAT is going on? what are these UFO"s? They are attacking us all and they are so COLD!!!


    We must run for shelter!" And they did run for the coop!

    Once inside, Mary, the smart one, told everyone of the story she had heard about what was called snow from the local chipmunks.


    With wet heads, wet fluffy butts and cold feet they all listened intently to Mary's story. They decided that yes, that was what the UFO's were. But they were so WET and COLD!!!! Bird snuggled into Daytona's feathers, the ones that were dry anyway, to try and warm his cold beak.


    After a few minutes of sadness, Bird and the Fluffy Butts' maid showed up with a item that would make it ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL better......She made each and every one of them warm and dry again... ahhhhh.... to have a good home with a caring maid... uhhhhmmmmm.. momma....




    Bird and the Fluffy Butts all slept tight in their warm coop. The next morining they were a little scared as to what they may find outside. Daytona and Blu were the brave souls that would peek outside and give the 'all clear' sign.


    Bird and the Butts saw all of the snow in their pen and decided that they should just ignore it, go on like it was nothing. That was until May the trouble maker found out how to slide in the snow! And she did!!!! making a mess of everyone else around her.


    Blu decided that it was not worth trying to calm May down, once she got going, it was impossible to stop her. So he just turnedhis back on her and asked his bartender for a drink once again. Something to warm his cold beak.


    And so ends Bird and the Fluffy Butts first exciting day with Snow.......
    Gee, I cant wait for their first Thanksgiving!
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  2. Imp

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    Fun post with great pictures.

  3. :d
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    [​IMG] That made my day! The pics are great!
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    Sep 12, 2010
    South Central Texas
    [​IMG] your story. Seems like they are working on adjusting to their winter events.

    Beautiful [​IMG] also.
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  6. Mrs. Fluffy Puffy

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    Love IT! [​IMG]
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    Great adventures. I want to hear more [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] that photo of the drier on the fluffy butt!!!
  9. wildeflowers

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    [​IMG] omg, you did NOT go out there and blow dry them. That is too much.

    That BR roo sure is handsome and he has a sweet look to his face, too!
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    Cute pics and story

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