Bird Watching in Cape May, NJ

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    I went bird watching in Cape May, NJ yesterday. Myself and two friends spent ALL day (from 8am-9:30pm) watching some AMAZING birds. I had never been bird watching before, but the one girl is really into it and had a ton of cool equipment. We went to three different beaches and a bunch of marshes. We even did a little bit of shopping! Throughout the entire day, we saw 70 species of birds.

    For those who don't know, Cape May, NJ is the Bird Watcher's paradise of the US. It's one of the best locations in the entire country! Here a few pics from my trip:


    We saw TONS of mute swans!

    Me underneath this hilarious sign. We had no idea what it meant....or where the arrow was pointing! There were a few of these in random spots.

    We even saw dolphins swimming around! (can't see them here though)

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    Glad you had a good time! I saw your Tshirt said Warren County Farmer's Fair. We go there every year with a friend to chase his hot air balloon. We live in Asbury, NJ. Howdy ![​IMG]

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