Bird with twisted head, pushes herself over sideways

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    Aug 18, 2008
    Somewhere around Lacey
    I have this Cornish cross that I never go around to butchering, purchased in March, probably a good 5-7 lbs (not good at guessing weights...), and I've gotten fond of her. She has her head twisted all the way around, and pushes herself over sideways until she hits an obstical. She was fine yesterday, and there aren't any signs of injury at all. Breathing is fine, no snot, no swollen face. She looks normal except for her head and positioning.

    I cleaned out their litter two days ago, but besides that everything is the same. She's in with my layers (who are acting normal), so she's been getting layer feed, plus occasional kitchen scraps.

    This almost reminds me of a disease, but I just can't remember the name? Do you think this is infectous? Help?
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    Sounds like wry neck... do a search for treatment on here, basically Vitamin E gel caps and vitamins for a week...

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