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Aug 3, 2021
I have kept rescue chickens since 2009 and now have 14 ladies and a Rhode Island Red rooster too. I keep my flock at my allotments which are 2 minutes walk from home. My rescue Rottweiler attends daily with me along with my very naughty cat Arya. She prefers to be an only cat and there are another 4 at home so the allotments cabin is her domain. I don’t have a problem with rats and think it’s probably because of Arry.
I have a health condition that is manageable by food intake and medication regime. I am 100% organic and use companion planting to aid this process. I grow what I eat and what my chickens need too. I donate eggs and accept lovely greens from those who take the eggs. I love the community of allotment gardeners as much as being one with nature. I learn something new every single day and love listening to other people’s experiences so I can aid my aging body do all the things I do now but in a smarter way. Your ideas are always welcome


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Mar 20, 2015
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My Coop

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