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    Aug 31, 2007
    After raising poultry for a few years ive decided that i want to get rid of most of my birds an only keep a few so here is what i have FS:

    1 Buffish colored NN pullet it looks like it has some blue in it
    1 partridge NN pullet
    1 WHite colored NN mostly white with some laced feathers
    2 barred NNs i think it might be a pair
    1 Black tailed buff NN hen
    1 Black tailed buff NN pullet(very nice)
    1 black NN hen
    1 Pair of red NN's
    silkie X cochin pullet(all black)
    1 mix of idk what
    1 Pair of bantam white laced red cornish(Breeder quality)
    and 3 Oregon gray turkey Jakes(young toms)

    I also might have some other birds for sale as well but not sure yet.

    I will take $200 for all of them or i will sell seperate
    These birds need to go ASAP as i need to buy feed soon
    Pics availible upon request

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