birds eat my chicken food

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  1. karinshuler

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    Nov 19, 2013
    Does anybody have any idea how to keep sparrows out of the chicken coop? I feed my chickens now 3 x a day and stand there while they eat, so the sparrows don't eat it. Last winter I had sparrows sitting on the roost right next to my chickens. Besides taking a bath in the chicken water the sparrows also eat the food. At times I had flocks of over 20 sparrows.
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    You can hang strips of vinyl clear shower curtain up over the pop door and train your chickens to enter and exit.

    Also you can buy/make treadle feeders (Gallo del Cielo has plans on his page and also a pic of strips hung to keep wild birds out).
    see how they did it over the nest boxes but if you use vinyl it won't gap so much hopefully
    here is an image search on bing where you can see examples of clear strips
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    Be very diligent about keeping wild birds out of your chickens feed. My entire flock caught MS, a very nasty bacterial infection from wild birds getting into their feed. MS never goes away and can destroy the entire flock. So do your best to keep the wild birds out of the coop. :)
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    Perhaps a feeder with sparrow specific feed, placed at a reasonable distance would keep them away?

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    This has helped a lot with my sparrow problem.
    depending on the number, it may pay for itself from the food you save. Otherwise you would have to completely seal your coop from the sparrows, (I've tried it with my pheasant pens and it doesn't work.)

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