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Oct 10, 2007
I am going to make a list of the birds I have for sale here, if you would like to add your own sale list feel free (as long as you agree to deliver your birds to OK poultry shows)

Large Fowl:
White Crested Black Polish hen. She has done well in poultry shows, but her crest just has too much black in it. I'd call her breeder quality, because she certainly produced a lot of healthy, nice chicks! $12
Blue/Black/Splash Ameraucana cockerels. From show quality parents, but I have not shown these cockerels yet. $8 each

Polish pair. White Crested Chocolate cockerel and White Crested Black Pullet. This pair will produce 50% WCC and 50% WCB. Show quality! $30
Silver Duckwing OEGB pullet. She is a show quality bird, but her breast feathers are a bit too dark to do well in big shows. $10
Black Tailed Buff Japanese cockerel. Does not appear to have short legs, so would not be show quality. $8
Black Tailed White Japanese trio. $30 for all three
Mottled x Mille Fleur d'Uccles. This year's hatch. $15 pair
Polish X Silkies. Both appear to be pullets. One is a lavender-shade of blue and the other is black. $8 each

White Pekin Duck pair. Show quality. The hen is point-of-lay and the drake is the same age. $25 for pair
White Pekin Duck hen. She has a slight crest. Point-of-lay. $10

Pictures of some of these birds and/or their parents are posted on my website linked to the left of this post. I can deliver them to the Anadarko (a.k.a. Cement), OK poultry show on November 27, or the Shawnee, OK Nationals on December 12. Pick ups can also be arranged here at Durant, Ok.

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