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    Mar 17, 2008
    Cranbrook, BC, Canada
    Hi, I am in BC, Canada and have the following for sale:

    - 3 Guinea fowl males, 1 Pearl split to lavender , one Lavender split to dundotte and slate, and a buff dundotte of unknown heritage, all are yearlings and in good feather. $10/pearl, $15/lavender, $15/buff dundotte

    - 1 pair of Society finches, female is a crested fawn pied, male a reg normal pied. Yearlings. Do not come with cage. $30/pair

    - 2 lovebirds, a seagreen and a dutch blue, not tame but do not bite when handled, 1 is a special needs bird(can't fly and needs regular beak clips), come with 2 toys, some food but no Cage. Have to go together! $75/both

    - 2 pairs of shortfaced tumblerX pigeons, pair #1 male white with black tail, female white with red tail, pair#2 red and white pied. $10/pair

    - 2 White Rock hens, 2 yr olds, just going through a molt but will soon look wonderful again. $10/each

    - 1 Easter eggerXIsabrown hen, looks like an Isabrown with peacomb and ameraucana face(no beard tho). 1 yr old - $8

    Please email me for pictures.
    Pick-up only, but am willing to meet up within a reasonable driving distance(about 2 - 4hrs depending on day and weather) for a Fuel fee.

    I am Located in Cranbrook, BC.
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