Birds For Sale in Central, CA. Can Deliver to Fresno Both Days.

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    Hey Everyone,

    Its time to downsize! I have quite a few birds I want to get rid of,
    including Ameraucanas and Bantam Naked Necks! So, here's my list. Before you ask, ABSOLUTELY NO SHIPPING! Please do not ask, I will say no.

    One pair of Blue Ameraucanas: *SOLD*

    One pair of Black/Splash Ameraucanas: The Splash cockeral is also
    from Lisa Cree. He's very pretty, but kind of skittish. The pullet
    was hatched here. Her father was from Lisa Cree, and her mother was
    from someone local. Her brother has some odd orange feathers mixed
    in, but she is pure black. She hasnt started laying yet, so Im asking
    $25 for the pair.

    One pair of Black/Blue Ameraucanas: These are my weirdos. The pullet
    is blue, and straight from Lisa Cree, but she has no beard! She has a
    perfectly clean face. The cockeral is black, but he has tons of
    orange feathers mixed in. They are not just tossed in though, they
    are very uniform. He has Orange on his neck, tail and back, but his
    chest and beard are both completely black. $15 for the pair.

    Bantam Naked Neck Trio #1: These are a trio of young Bantam Naked
    Necks. Their grandma was purchased from the feedstore, and their
    grandfather was a Black-Breasted Red Old English Game Bantam. Both of
    their parents were Naked Necks. Their grandma was actually their
    mother as well,lol. They all have Naked Necks, and do throw NN
    babies, but you also have to possibility of getting some feathered
    chicks. One pullet is black and one is dark buff/red with black laced
    feathers on her back. The cockeral is beautiful. He has buff feathers
    with white and a little bit of black mixed all through. They have a
    little bit of leg feathering as well. Im almost positive both of
    these are laying. $25 for the trio.

    Bantam Naked Neck Trio #2: The rooster and hen in this pair are from
    my first breeding of the NN X OEGB. The rooster is a Black Tailed
    Buff, and the hen is Black. They throw about 50/50 with the whole
    Naked Neck gene. The pullet in this group is buff, and has quite a
    bit of feathering on the front of her neck, but the back of her neck
    is completely bare. She isnt laying yet, but the hen is. These also
    might have a bit of leg feathering, Im pretty sure the pullet does.
    Interesting birds, but they do need some work in order to get full
    naked necks. $25 for the trio.

    One Bantam Black Cochin rooster: This guy has an attitude, but when
    the big storms hit, he got injured. When I found him, he was on his
    back and his neck was twisted at an odd angle. I thought he was dead,
    but when I poked him, he hopped up. Unfortunately, he's a little
    weird now, and walks funny. I would love to keep him, but I dont have
    the time for him right now as Im starting college soon. He's free to
    anyone who would like him.

    Two Year-Old Layers: There are two of these girls. One is a Black Sex
    Link. She is a great broody, and used to lay nice big eggs, but she
    hasnt in a while. The other is an Easter Egger. She has been laying
    bright blue eggs off and on. A while back, before she moulted, she
    layed eggs with no membrane inside! But she started laying again and
    they are fine again. The Black Sex Link is Free. $5 for the Easter

    Standard White Cochin: This is one of my favorite little girls, but
    I've decided she can go. She's from Ideal Poultry, so she's not great
    quality, but she's an awesome broody. She hatched some Keets for me
    last year, and was an awesome mom. She does NOT like you touching her
    babies though,lol. I'd like $8 for her.

    Game Cross hen: This little girl's mom was a pure Game Hen, and her
    father was a Game X Silkie. She's a good little layer, but Im not
    sure if she is laying at the moment, as I have multiple girls in the
    pen. She's tried to go broody on me many times, but I wont let her,
    so I suspect that she would make a good broody. She's pretty small,
    but she holds her own with all of my big chickens. She's colored like
    a BBRed hen, and she's very pretty. $5 for her.

    Barred Rock X Dominique: If any of you know Rizzle, this is his
    daughter. She's a great little layer, and definitely holds her own
    around here! We gave the cats ham the other day and she ran by and
    stole it right of the cats mouth,lol. She wants to set on eggs so
    bad, but I wont let her. I go egg stealing and she puffs up and
    growls at me, she doesnt like it. She would make a great layer or
    broody. $8 for her.

    Barred Rock X Easter Egger: This is Rizzle's Son. The 2 Year-Old EE
    up there is his mother. He's mostly barred, but he does have some odd
    colored feathers mixed in. He's a very protective boy, and even
    kicked his dad out of the coop. He's got a very chunky body, but he's
    cute. He's Free to a good home.

    One Female Pekin Duck: This girl is around 3 years old. She hatched a
    whole mess of ducklings for me last year, and was an awesome mother.
    $5 for her.

    One pair of Mixed Ducks: Their mother was the Pekin above, and their
    father was either a Runner or a Crested Blue Swedish. If you've seen
    Carla's pictures, the duck in there with the ducklings is their
    sister. The Drake in this pair fathered those ducklings. They look
    very Mallard-Like. $10 for the pair.

    I have Pictures of pretty much everyone, so just ask and I'll get
    them for you. Please Email me privately, and put something in the
    headline about these birds so I dont accidentally delete it. Im going
    to be there on Saturday and Sunday, so I can bring them either day.

    Take Care,
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