Birds for sale WI/SD

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  1. Swans- Mutes, 2009 hatch $250 ea

    Blue India adult pairs $150
    White adult pairs $225
    Purple adult pair $175

    Silvers young birds $20 ea adult trio $120
    Swinhoe trio $150
    Temminck tragopan, adult pair $350
    Satyr Tragopan, adult trio $900
    Impeyan male adult $350
    Blue Eared adult male $125
    Elliot male $75
    Mikado pr adults $250
    Humes Bartailed adult pr $250
    Grey Peacock Pheasant hen, proven adult $250
    Bornean Fireback, young hen $225
    Blue Ringnecks $125 pr
    Blue Ringneck male & Chocolate hen $100 pr
    Silver Ringneck, adult trio $250
    Jumbo WHITE Ringnecks 1 male 4 hens $150/group
    Buff Pied Ringneck trio $100
    Alaskan Snow Ringneck pr $60
    Buff Ringnecks $50 pr

    Barbary pairs $40
    Chinese Bamboo pairs $100
    Hungarian pairs $40

    Handfed Congo Greys, Quakers, Indian Ringnecks, Macaws- available at times
    Green Quakers, proven pairs $200
    Budgie Parakeets- young or adults 10.00 ea

    Sumatras- we have young Black & Blues, $10 ea
    Old English Bantams- $10 ea
    Rumpless Araucana Bantams $10 ea

    Rare Birds-
    Vulturine Guineafowl, adult pair, $1500
    Kenya Crested Guineafowl adult male $450
    Roul Roul Partridge, 09 hatch $300 ea
    Erkel Francolins, adult pr $125 adult trio $175
    Greater Curassows, 4 yr old proven pair $1500

    Mandarins $80.00 pr
    White Mandarins $125.00 pr
    Wild Muscovy Ducks $150.00 pr extra males $75.00 ea
    Black East Indie Ducks $25 pr
    Rouens, Swedish & mixed ducks $8 to $12
    Muscovy Ducks- various colors and ages starting at $1 ea

    Africans adults $12 ea
    Sebastopols adults $50 ea
    Canadians adults $50 ea

    LOOKING for the following birds:
    Bar Headed Geese- adult males
    Patagonian Conures
    Greenwing Doves

    Spectrum Ranch
    35329 247th St
    Pukwana, SD 57370

    605-730-0791 [email protected]

  2. Califowlday

    Califowlday Chirping

    Jul 6, 2009
    Oh I wish I were closer. You have a number of the birds I've been trying to fine.
  3. Also have some extra Yellow Golden males, young and adult.
    adult Edwards pheasant male
    young Humes pheasants

    Im sure I will think of more I missed too.
  4. roocrazy

    roocrazy Songster

    Jun 11, 2009
    are you traveling through south central mn
    id be interested in aurucanas and or sumatras:)
  5. I usually get thru southern MN once a month, on my way to WI from SD.

  6. Posting for a pic request- (still working on photos of the Sebastopols, they are down on the creek usually when I've had time for pics)

    Here are some of the young Black East indies: a few calls and a Rouen that wanted to be in the pic too.


  7. Also have a trio of adult Cheer pheasants for sale.

    Will be headed to Missouri last week of Sept and to Fort Worth, Texas end of month.

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